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Al Ula Area Geological Study (Client: Public Investment fund)
This geological engineering study is carried out in a mountainous area at about 25 kilometers south-east of Al .. Read More
Added Date : 12-Sep-2021
Completed NEOM Project - Geological Survey of Gulf of Aqaba
Geohazards Research Center successfully completed a detailed geological study along the Gulf of Aqaba coast stretching .. Read More
Added Date : 12-Sep-2021
Harrat Rahat Volcanic Geopark
The Harrat Rahat Volcanic Geopark is proposed to be the first Geopark in the Kingdom. This volcanic Geopark is .. Read More
Added Date : 12-Sep-2021
GRC Conducts a one Day workshop in Geotoursim and Geohazards in Saudi Arabia
The Geohazards Research Center organized a one day workshop during the ongoing 13th International Geological conference .. Read More
Added Date : 27-Mar-2020
Mutual Agreement Signed between KAU and SGS
جدة 16 ربيع الآخر 1439 هـ الموافق 03 يناير 2018 م واس وقع معالي رئيس هيئة المساحة الجيولوجية الدكتور زهير بن عبدالحفيظ .. Read More
Added Date : 4-Jan-2018
Workshop Conducted on Harrat Al Madinah
قدم خلالها باحثون خمس أوراق علمية لمناقشة أهم النتائج للدراسة التي قدمتها جامعة الملك عبدالعزيز التي استمرت ثلاث .. Read More
Added Date : 26-Apr-2017
Earthquake measuring 4.8 felt in Tabuk region
An Earthquake measuring 4,8 on richer scale was observed in the Tabuk region on 16/05/2017 at 4:46 am. Details: Saudi Geological survey .. Read More
Added Date : 16-May-2016
KAU Delegation visits Medina Governor to submit the Final VORISA Report
A delegation headed by the acting President of KAU Prof. Abdur Rahman Ayoubi met the Governor of Medina province .. Read More
Added Date : 11-Feb-2015
GRC Deputy Director visits International Center for Geohazards, Norway
King Abdulaziz University upon the recommendation of GRC fecilitated a visit for Dr. Faisal Alqahtani to Norwegian .. Read More
Added Date : 7-Dec-2014
Rains Lash Jeddah on 21 & 22 Nov
Rains lashed Jeddah city starting Friday, 21 November night and continued to Saturday morning in intervals. The .. Read More
Added Date : 23-Nov-2014
GRC team inspects area near Makkah
A team of Scientists visited an area adjoining Makkah region along with personnel from Saudi Geological Survey .. Read More
Added Date : 19-Nov-2014
Recent Earthquake in the Red Sea 213 km South of Jeddah coast
Recent Earthquake in the Red Sea 213 km South of Jeddah coast Source: Saudi Geological Survey .. Read More
Added Date : 27-Oct-2014